Simulation Software Predicts Springback

PAM-Stamp 2G simulation software features the capability to accurately predict springback, allowing for effective tooling modifications during the design phase to correct springback before production. The company says the ability to avoid springback in this way is particularly important for those manufacturing automotive parts from high-strength steel.

PAM-Stamp 2G covers the entire tooling process from quotation and die design to formability and try-out validation. Its modules include PAM-Diemaker for rapid die creation, PAM-Quikstamp for rapid stamping evaluation, and PAM-Autostamp for forming process validation, quality, and tolerance control.

Other stamping solutions include a parallel version of the software for time-critical computation, part feasibility check, PAM-Tube for design and simulations of tube hydroforming dies, and a rapid die creation integrated in the PLM environment with PAM-TFA and with PAM-Diemaker for CATIA V5.