Single-Axis Servo Controller

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Techno Inc. offers the Phoenix I single-axis servo controller for single-axis automation projects. This all-inclusive package includes a servo controller, drive, power supply, enclosure, wiring, cabling and software. The controller is a standalone unit, so a PC is required only for programming, not for operation. The solution controls a single belt slide, ballscrew slide or rotary table with servomotor. The jog buttons on the front allow manual positioning without the PC being connected. The product has a two-line LCD display, 6 amps of continuous torque and 12 amps peak on a 48-V drive. All parts are pre-wired to prevent integration problems. The controller saves users the time and money they might otherwise spend on sourcing a power supply, enclosure and wiring assembly, the company says. It comes fully assembled with input/output capability and USB ports, so users can plug it in, turn it on and start their production.

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