Single-Setup Grinder

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The model GU5R CNC universal grinder is a grinding machine designed to accommodate the wide range of work you might see in your shop. The machine offers the potential for OD and ID grinding, straight and angle grinding, rough and finish grinding and grinding cylindrical and tapered forms.  All of this work can be done not just on one machine, but also in a single setup, according to the company.

Much of the versatility comes from a fundamental change to the machine compared to previous models. The wheel head has been redesigned to allow two different OD wheels up to 20” in diameter to locate on either side of the indexing head. Wheels can be attached to opposite sides of the head so that they index to the same position when the head pivots 180 degrees or else they can be placed on the same side of the head so that indexing 180 degrees lets one wheel reach farther along the length of the work. This flexibility translates to six different configurations for the OD and ID wheels.

Wheel head angular position can be controlled to a fine resolution.  The angle of the work can also be adjusted and precisely controlled through a range of 10 degrees. This ability to shift the angle of the work makes it possible to grind a straight and tapered OD in a single machining cycle, according to the company.

The Fanuc 180i control offers the ability to program using either pictograms or traditional G code. Other features include a touch probe for locating the work and measuring stock, as well as a shielding pan that isolates the machine bed from the thermal effects of coolant runoff.