Sinker EDM Features Compact Size

Sodick introduces the C32 CNC sinker EDM, featuring a compact design that fits into a 3. 5 ft. × 5.

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Sodick introduces the C32 CNC sinker EDM, featuring a compact design that fits into a 3.5 ft. × 5.5 ft. floor space. The EDM features a worktank size of 24″ × 18″ and axis travel of 12″ × 8″ × 6″. The maximum workpiece weight is 110 lbs, and the maximum electrode weight is 44 lbs. A 1-GB USB memory stick and a 4-GB compact flash card memory eliminate the need for a hard drive.

The EDM’s Windows XP-based LMX32 control is equipped with a 15″ TFT touchscreen. According to the company, the user-friendly LN Assist menu page prompts the operator to input the required cutting data. The EDM then writes the NC code including cutting conditions and offsets. The machine uses 1 Gbit/sec serial communication technology throughout the control system. This high speed communication technology features improved driving performance, responsiveness to servo control and reliability, the company says. The 1 Gbit/sec serial communication protocol provides instantaneous servo response resulting in arc-less EDM operations.

The control also reduces graphite electrode wear to less than 0.06 percent while increasing machining speed by as much as 20 percent, the company says. The zero-wear circuit is standard on the EDM. The wear rate of a graphite electrode increases during the EDM finishing process. The company’s zero-wear circuit eliminates the number of electrodes by minimizing electrode wear. In some cases, only one electrode is required.

The fast axis speed (1,440 ipm) and high acceleration (1.2G) of the EDM’s linear motor-driven Z axis creates its own flushing condition.


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