Six-Axis Machine for PCD Finishing

The QXD200 from Vollmer is a machine for finishing PCD tools. See it on display at IMTS 2012.

New Product Announcements From: 7/13/2012 Modern Machine Shop

The QXD200 from Vollmer is a machine for finishing PCD tools. According to the company, this machine provides state-of-the-art finishing by combining rotary erosion and fluting with a polishing wheel to provide a mirror-like finish in a single machine setup. This finish is said to extend tool life and improve surface finishes on machined surfaces. 

The machine is equipped with six programmable axes and a six-position toolchanger. The toolchanger enables flexibility in electrodes and polishing wheel selections that can be utilized in unattended operation. The offline simulation creates a 3D model that can be incorporated into other software packages for verification of end results on tool geometry. The machine features simplified programming for ease of training, and its modular design can incorporate several automation options as tool demand dictates.


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