Six-Axis Tool And Cutter Grinder

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Engineered to manufacture complex cutting tools, the PTG-6 tool and cutter grinder is a six-axis, CNC controlled cutter grinder for grinding, sharpening and reconditioning a variety of cutting tools. The accuracy of the tool and cutter grinder is predictable due to the integration of quality machine components, the company says. A precision grinding spindle with HSK grinding wheel mounting locates the grinding wheel on the center of the B-axis pivot. According to the company, the direct-driveheadstock provides positioning capability, variable rpm and low maintenance. All linear axes have glass scales. The tool and cutter grinder comes standard with NumrotoPlus software that is designed to produce a range of complex tools. The standard 2D simulation allows cross-sectional visualization, while the optional 3D virtual grinding simulation with machine collision detection is said to eliminate costly setup time. According to the company, workholding and tool support options; programmable steady rests and tailstocks; and a variety of custom-designed tooling enables the production of quality precision cutting tools. The tool and cutter grinder is engineered to be reliable because the air purge of scales, headstock and grinding spindle eliminate contaminants. Full disclosure of machine drawings, documentation and a complete parts list are available on the machine’s computer and diagnostic systems for troubleshooting error messages and unlimited direct access/phone support are available for the operator. The grinder is also engineered for both structural and thermal stability using 3D solid modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). For stability, a dedicated closed-loop chiller controls heat buildup within the grinding spindle and headstock. According to the company, the grinder is built to maximize uptime, throughput and profits.

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