Small Application Cutters

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The company has added cutters and inserts to its existing line of copy milling products that address small applications in high speed machining for die and mold applications. The cutters are available in a one-piece design (R217.29/R220.29) or in the two-piece Combimaster system, which includes different shank types and lengths with interchangeable cutter heads for added flexibility. The button cutters feature strong, round inserts and an octagonal-shaped integrated angle that helps avoid insert rotation during cutting and ensures precise, predetermined indexing location, according to the company.       

When used in combination with the company’s new 6 mm round inserts, the cutters offer a maximum axial cutting depth of 0.118” (3 mm). The multi-tooth feature is said to provide a higher metal removal rate. Applications for the new smaller cutters include slotting and shoulder milling, ramping, helical interpolation, plunging, pocket milling and roughing.


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