Small Precision Probes

The TC50 probe is multidirectional and designed to eliminate the false data created when the probe touches coolant rather than the component. This provides a measuring speed of up to 5 m/min and a repeatability of better that 1micronmeter. It also uses the company’s opto-electronic measuring system that is wear-free because it has no mechanical parts. The probe shows no variation in measuring results when probing in different directions because it uses a system for deflecting the stylus in a way that shades the internal miniature light barrier, eliminating the problems associated with contact measurement systems. The optimized low energy consumption allows up to 100,000 contacts to be made per user-exchangeable battery. Smaller than conventional probing systems, the standard probe is 63 mm.









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Instrument Calibrates Variety of Indicators

Mitutoyo America Corp. announces the release of the i-Checker, an inspection instrument specially designed to calibrate a variety of indicators, including bore gages, Digimatic indicators, dial indicators, dial test indicators and linear gages.