Smooth Cutting Shoulder Mill

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With its high-positive rhombic inserts, the company says the Xtra-tec F4042 universal milling cutter provides cutting performance at a low power consumption. 

The company recommends that the mill be used in roughing and finishing steel, cast iron and stainless steel; although, it can be used in a range of metalcutting operations. The cutting action lowers vibration while providing a surface finish for which no finishing tool is required.

Both coarse and fine pitch cutters are available. The nickel plated protective layer is said to lessen friction in chip flutes and decrease corrosion.

Three types of inserts-representing cutting lengths of 0.315”, 0.472” and 0.630”-are available, with diameters ranging from 0.50” to 6.0”. Additionally, the cutter is offered as part of a screw-fit system, as a shell mill or with cylindrical and Weldon shanks for smaller diameter tools.


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