SMTCL VMC Series for Curved Faces, General Precision Machining Applications

SMTCL offers an expanded line of vertical machining centers at IMTS 2012.

New Product Announcements From: 7/31/2012 Modern Machine Shop
Originally titled 'VMC Series for Curved Faces, General Precision Machining Applications'

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SMTCL offers an expanded line of vertical machining centers. The d series is designed to machine complex, curved faces of molds. It is also well-suited for general machining applications, the company says.  The series can machine plate-, disc-, frame- and shell-shaped parts for common machining applications. The gantry, or portal-frame structure, of the VMC e-series, five-axis machining center was independently developed for die/mold applications. It is suitable for machining cavity dies, die molds, cast molds, press-through dies and stamping dies.
The product line’s spindle is equipped with positioning feedback, enabling high-speed rigid tapping. The headstock is counterbalanced mechanically for smooth and flexible operation. The design of the basic components, such as the bed, column, and others, incorporate thermal symmetry and box-style rib plates. Resin-bonded sand casting ensures stable accuracy, the company says.

Optimized start and stop times of the spindle on the SMTCL CNC drilling and tapping centers are said to enable simple and fast-speed tool changes. According to the company, the high-precision G-code function reduces process time and improves the efficiency of the machining center. An 8.4" LCD display shows standard menu items such as drawing, programming and alarm disabling. Other standard features enable operating modes with high speed and high accuracy, thereby improving the machining accuracy of the drilling and tapping center. 

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