Software For Form Measurements

Mahr’s EasyForm 3. 0 is standard on all new MMQ 100 and 200 Formtesters and is available as an upgrade for a variety of older systems.

Mahr’s EasyForm 3.0 is standard on all new MMQ 100 and 200 Formtesters and is available as an upgrade for a variety of older systems. According to the company, the software provides an intuitive touchscreen interface that guides operators through measurement setup and operation. A teach-in mode remembers steps and can combine them to perform repetitive multi-feature measurements.

Measurement results are immediately displayed on the screen, including 3D representation with color or grid lines providing an interactive graphic preview. Results can be printed, saved in file formats (such as PDF) or exported for analysis in ASCII or QS-Stat formats. The software also has the ability to interactively exclude certain trace data after measuring or analyzing part features. This allows inadvertent data from dirt, or from recurring features such as splines or grooves, to be removed from consideration without re-measurement.

The software also includes options for output formatting to enhance the usability of the results for different users, the company says. To support applications on more sophisticated CNC systems as well as basic manual systems, abilities have been added to separate positioning movement of the probe or measuring device from evaluation. This facilitates changing or repositioning parts or probes during measurement. Part alignment has also been optimized with a quiet display that provides variable sensitivity, red/green signals and numerical value for computer assisted centering and tilting when used on manually operated systems, the company says.

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