Software Improves CAD/CAM, Documentation Functions

New Product From: 12/20/2007 Modern Machine Shop

PartMaker offers the latest version of its CAD/CAM software for CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs, turn-mill centers and Swiss-type lathes, PartMaker version 8.5. The new release features the PartMaker Documentation Wizard (PDW), an optional module that allows users to create, preview and print documents with multiple views.


According to the company, the update allows users to separately create horizontal, vertical, linear, circular and angular dimensions in every face window by picking geometric entities. “Flexible” dimension combines horizontal, vertical and linear dimensions in one icon to save time. The software also supports free-floating notes and notes with leaders. Dimensions and notes, which can be edited, support multi-line text, and special symbols can be inserted.


Other software enhancements link CAD to CAM to automatically update programmed features when a geometry change is made. Toolpath profiles can be modified once they have been created. Additionally, recently used files can automatically be accessed from within the software, and files can be imported from SolidWorks 2008 and Autodesk Inventor 2008. 

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