Software Improves Collaboration Among Product Teams

Cimmetry Systems, an Agile Software company, says AutoVue 19.1c1 for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 can connect teams at all stages of the document life cycle and ensure access to important information throughout an organization. To enhance SharePoint collaboration capability, the software is equipped with visualization, markup, digital mockup and real-time collaboration features for various native document types, including 2D/3D CAD, EDA, image and Office. To enable teams to make informed decisions based on the latest versions of documents, the software provides support for SharePoint’s major/minor versioning control. Its real-time collaboration is designed to complement SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities and enable team members within and beyond an organization to work together more effectively. All annotations and markups are saved in the SharePoint Server 2007 repository to provide users with a single access point for document review.