Software Links Product Design And Manufacturing

Pro/Toolmaker is a stand-alone software application designed to provide multi-CAD support to enable associative, reliable NC toolpath programming for Pro/Engineer and other CAD systems. Available from Product Development Company (PTC), version 8.1 of the software package includes both NC postprocessing and tooling libraries. According to the company, the software can reduce scrap costs, increase product quality and decrease production time.


As part of the company’s Product Development System (PDS), the software provides a connection between product design and manufacturing. Along with Pro/Engineer NC and other tooling solutions, it enables designers to work side-by-side with manufacturing engineers to make real-time design changes. In addition, toolpath data created with the software can be managed in Windchill, the company’s content and process-management software. This enables manufacturers to manage all 3D CAD/CAM/CAE information in a centrally located system.


In addition to multi-CAD suffport, the software’s machining capabilities include support for five-axis positioning, 3+2 machining, automatic 3D roughing and rest roughing. It also features specialized core and cavity machining strategies with area clearance, while its core and rest roughing capabilities can maximize material removal, the company says. Slope-based machining allows steep and shallow angle control, and flat-surface machining capability can detect all flat surfaces. Other features include spiral and radial toolpaths; morph and boundary machining; and pencil single-pass and multiple-pass milling.