Software Simplifies Blanking, Unfolding Of 3D CAD Files

Developed for metal stampers who handle complex parts in the automotive, appliance and electronic industries, 3D QuickForm Professional is designed to simplify the blanking and unfolding of 3D CAD files. Manufacturer 3D QuickTools says that unlike other unfolding applications that produce blank shapes on planar surfaces, the software allows users to study the multi-stage forming process.


Powered by ESI Group technology, the software features symmetry plane constraints that allow users to model only part of a product while the rest is calculated. This feature also adds control for node motion along a cross-section of a part, regardless of whether the part is symmetric at the plane location. In addition, operators have access to the 3D trim curve of an unfolded flange to generate the added surface on which to model the correct addendum.