Software Update Features New Stock Models, Among Other Improvements

Developed by CNC Software, Mastercam X6 features new stock models designed for viewing and verifying work.

New Product From: 4/9/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Developed by CNC Software, Mastercam X6 features new stock models designed for viewing and verifying work. Users can perform stock-model comparisons and choose existing stock for rest machining. They can also create accurate, fully associative stock models, the company says.
The Blade Expert add-on is said to simplify the toolpath creation process for multi-bladed parts, including fans, propellers, impellers, turbines, marine screws, and more. According to the company, there is no limit to the number of blades, splitters, or sub-splitters that can be programmed. The add-on includes a variety of powerful and flexible multi-axis roughing strategies, and automatic tool-axis control ensures smooth machine motion.
The OptiRest Toolpath is a 3D high speed toolpath that performs rest-milling operations to remove remaining material with optimized roughing motion. It can use the new stock-model functionality to define stock removal areas.
The software also features hybrid-finish filler passes. 3D high speed hybrid toolpaths now maintain all of the Z-level cuts in the steep areas of parts while filling in the shallow areas with scallop motion within a single Z section. These toolpaths combine the best of both worlds with waterline (constant Z) motion and scallop where needed. Both waterline and scallop motion can be used at the same Z section, section after section, for improved finish and tool efficiency.

Other features include 2D HST region chaining, 2D HST dynamic toolpath improvements, Mastercam lathe variable depth roughing, 64-bit support, facing and canned groove toolpath, autosync rails, and more. 

SmartCAM features New Mill/Turn Sub-Spindle and B-axis Support, Morph Pattern Roughing.
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