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hyperMILL® 2012

New Product Announcements From: 8/30/2012 MoldMaking Technology

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OPEN Mind will show the new version of hyperMILL® 2012 with innovations such as automatic programming options for rectangular pockets, optimizations for 3D roughing and new strategies for 5-axis machining. This software version contains meaningful improvements in all technology segments, as is typical with hyperMILL® releases. 
OPEN MIND will also provide previews of the newly developed CAD solution hyperCAD®-S. The new 'adaptive pocket' machining mode allows for automatic programming of rectangular pockets. Within a machining job, classification occurs automatically in closed and open pockets and rectangular levels.
According to the various accessibility conditions for the tool and relative sizes of the tool and pocket, hyperMILL® automatically selects the most suitable machining method: spiral, contour-parallel or peeling. The optimized clearing movements take place in long, straight paths with constant cutting conditions. Critical full cutting areas are parameterised separately, allowing control over feedrate values and reduced production times.
According to the company, the ways in which machining times have been shortened are both simple and ingenious: During 5-axis shape offset machining with hyperMILL®, users now avoid redundant movements thanks to the new axial sorting option that makes it possible to divide machining by area. This allows corners or pockets, for example, to be machined individually one after another. The user can decide whether to create toolpaths with offset level sorting or axial sorting.
There are several new features for roughing in the 5-axis impeller and blisk package. For machining of impellers, for example, it is now possible to divide the machining region into a left and right pocket between the main blade and the splitter. This new option means that these areas can now be machined with different tools in a targeted manner.
The flank mode during roughing enables swarf cutting near blade surfaces. The user can decide whether to use the swarf mode for every step or just for the last step. This extension results in a consistent stock allowance for finishing. Production time can also be reduced here as preliminary finishing can be skipped.
OPEN MIND will be at IMTS 2012 in Booth E-3351.

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