Solid Carbide Micro Drills

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The expanded line of Sphinx micro drills is made of fine-grained solid carbide and is said to deliver long tool life and consistent process reliability. One of the micro drills, available in diameters from 0.3 to 1.5 mm in steps of 0.01 mm, is offered with a 3-mm reinforced shank. The drill is available in standard lengths of 6 × D and can be run with or without coolant. It is suited for materials such as steel, aluminum and copper, as well as titanium and nickel alloys. The two-flute geometry delivers a point angle of 130 degrees and a helix angle of 35 degrees for precision and close tolerance, the company says.   The second micro drill, available in steps of 0.05 mm, is offered in standard lengths at 10 to 15 × D. The two-flute geometry offers a point angle of 118 degrees and a helix angle of 25 degrees.   The third micro drill is available in steps of 0.01 mm. The two-flute geometry offers a point angle of 118 degrees and a helix angle of 30 degrees. The drill is available in lengths of 6 × D and offers a positive tolerance.   Also from Sphinx, the Phoenix drill line has expanded from 6 × D to include 3 × D and 12 × D. The drills are available in diameters from 1 to 12.7 mm in 0.1-mm increments, with coolant through from 2.5 mm in diameter and a Helica coating. This line of drills is made from solid carbide and is designed to cut extra-hard materials.   Also on display will be the EWN digital boring head that offers diameter adjustments of 1 µm; the OPT1500 touch probe with an in-machine sensor that communicates directly with the control; and the benchtop Speroni Magis tool measurement and presetting system.

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