Solid Carbide Thread Mills For Difficult Materials

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Emuge Corporation’s series of Miniature Solid Carbide Thread Mills are designed for easy machining of difficult materials such as stainless steels, titanium, K-Monel, Hastelloy and Inconel. The line is suitable for a variety of applications including those in the medical, aerospace, defense and computer industries.


The thread mills are said to virtually eliminate the possibility and consequences of tap breakage. Thread mills are available in both one-flute and three-flute versions, with the latter being suited for high-volume output needs. The thread mills remove manual operations by eliminating the need for hand tapping during full bottom-threading applications. Bottom threading can be performed to within 1 pitch. Externally supplied coolant eliminates the need for thread cutting oil, so parts and coolant reservoirs are not contaminated.


According to the company, the thread mills include an easily controlled pitch diameter and offer precise thread-depth controls to 2 × D, so that one tool can be used for both through and blind holes. Overall length of the thread mill is 1 5/8" with a shank diameter of 1/8".


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