Swing Lathes For Boring And Turning Applications

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According to the company, all TUR-MN/CNC 22"-25"-28"-32"-37"-43" swing lathes feature a TRI-V bedway design to maximize accuracy, rigidity and repeatability for difficult turning and boring applications, while at the same time extending the lathe's life and minimizing costly maintenance that results from instability and wear. An optional C axis for keyways or bolt hole patterns is available. The lathes are available with Fanuc or Siemens full CNC or manual Plus CNC controls. Available sizes cover toolroom class from 18" swing up to huge roll turning application needs over 98" dia. with long beds 60" to 720" bc, higher spindle speeds as fast as 2500 rpm, large 3.5" to 17.6" spindle bores, and models designed to handle bc parts as heavy as 50 tons.

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Robotic Cell Cuts Cycle Time, Improves Part Quality

Sew-Eurodrive Inc. worked with Okuma America’s authorized systems dealer, Gosiger Automation, to design an automated cell that includes an automatic, magazine bar feeder that loads 6-ft. lengths of barstock into the machine. The shop also switched to an Okuma twin spindle, twin turret turning center so all of the machining operations are completed in one setup, thus eliminating additional fixtures and operator intervention. The resultant system reduces cycle times and requires much less operator involvement. As a result, production time per part was more than cut in half – from about 5 minutes to 2 minutes, 20 seconds.