Switch From Vertical To Horizontal Processes In Seconds

Designed for heavy cutting and precise machining in aerospace and large mold applications, GF Agie Charmilles' five-axis Mikron HPM 1350U is built with a versatile milling head and a 43.42" diameter rotary tilt table. Featuring a rotary axis with linear motor technology, the machine can handle parts as heavy as 3,306.9 lbs with a rotational speed as fast as 40 rpm. A direct-drive, high-torque motor drives the milling head. The use of the torque motor precludes the need for a gearbox as well as any belts or wires that could affect precision, the company says. 


Able to swivel as much as 136 degrees, the milling head is designed to move simultaneously with the spindle. Operators can index the swivel axis degree by degree to make use of the spindle motor's high torque. Additionally, a hydraulic clamping device for the spindle allows the machine to carry out boring and milling procedures from any position.


Designed to switch between vertical and horizontal multi-axis machining processes in 1.7 seconds, the machine can accommodate applications ranging from production-type prismatic parts to tool and die work in a single setup, the company says. Other features include a 46-position tool magazine and a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system equipped with 3D graphics and cutter compensation.

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