Swivel Head VMC For Small Parts(2)

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Aimed at assisting medical and dental industries, the FZ08KS tilt vertical machining center from Chiron America incorporates a swivel head spindle for single setup machining of complex parts. It has a swiveling range of -20 degrees to +115 degrees, and it requires 0.50 seconds to swivel from zero to 90 degrees.


Applications for which the machine is suited include orthopedic devices and surgical instruments made of specialty plastics, titanium and steel, as well as dental heads and implants. With the NC swivel head, users can produce milled surfaces and holes at virtually every angular position, including outer/inner contours and tapping. The inclusion of an NC linear unit with a NC vertical turning device makes machining complex workpieces requiring six-sided machining possible, says the company. The XYZ axes have a travel range of 18" × 10.6" × 11".


The custom toolchanger requires 0.8 seconds to switch from tool to tool. Other specifications include a chip-to-chip time of 1.9 seconds; rapid feed rates as fast as 3,000 ipm; acceleration rates to 2 G; and spindle speeds as high as 40,000 rpm.


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