System Approach to Chip-Processing Equipment

Prab offers key equipment of a chip-handling system, including the Model R tramp metal separator, diagonal-shaft wringer and vertical-axis crusher.

New Product From: 8/14/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Prab will feature the key equipment of a chip-handling system, including the Model R tramp metal separator, diagonal-shaft wringer and vertical-axis crusher. It will also showcase the candle filter, a fluid filter designed to reduce operating costs and protect machining and grinding equipment while increasing throughput.


The Model R tramp metal separator removes bar-ends, broken tooling and other solids from the chip flow. Designed to protect processing equipment from damage, the separator is said to reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and enhance the work environment along with employee health and safety. The unit incorporates a blower and rotary air lock mounting to the wringer in feed conveyor. An adjustable air-flow panel enables customizable settings to optimize efficiency based on size and weight of the metal chips. Manual calibration enables customized settings to process very small solids from the chip flow. The separator is engineered to continuously handle metal scrap at rates as fast as 60 ft3/hr. (1.6 m3/hr.).


The separator is designed to work with the company’s diagonal-shaft wringer, which uses up to 700 Gs of force and is said to reclaim as much as 98 percent of coolant and cutting oils from aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and other metal chips. The fluids can be recycled back into the metalworking process. The wringer is said to reduce hazardous waste disposal costs while increasing scrap worth by producing more valuable dry chips.


The company’s vertical-axis crusher is designed to reduce turnings and wads of material into shovel-grade chips, reconditioning the metal for further processing and recycling. The solids ejector automatically discharges bar-ends, maximizing uptime and protecting equipment. The crusher can produce material up to 4,000 lbs/hr. (1,814 kg/hr.) and is said to reduce the amount of material, decreasing the required storage space.


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