Systems Execute Simple And Complex Parts Measurements

From manual, single-feature operation to complex, automated part measurements, the Galileo class of vision systems from L.S. Starrett Company combines high-resolution images with a mechanical platform to offer accuracy. With the capability to carry out measurement of small precision parts, the system lends itself to medical component production. Examples of such components include catheters, stents, tubing and similar items.


Available in manual, motorized and fully-automated versions in two measuring envelopes, the line features a total of six models. The manual and joystick-controlled motorized systems can be upgraded; the automated models can perform entire inspection routines.


The systems have XYZ measuring capacity of 6" × 6" × 5.5" (150 mm × 150 mm × 140 mm) or 12" × 6" × 5.5" (300 mm × 150 mm × 140 mm) travels, in addition to a 1/3" CCD high-resolution color video camera, with a resolution of 0.5 microns (0.1 microns optional).


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