Taps Available In UNC And UNF

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Last year, Prototyp (Germany) added taps for UNC and UNF thread types to the ECO thread cutting tool range. They are now available to the U.S. cutting tool market. The tool range features a combination of special geometries, tool material optimization and coating properties. This design, according to the company, produces increased tool life for the machining of high-strength steels up to 1,400 N/mm² and stainless steels. Though both coatings are optional, the results achieved with the THL-coated taps is said to surpass those achieved with comparable TIN coated taps, sometimes by 200 percent. The through-coolant taps, with side exit holes, have been designed for minimum lubrication, but can also be used with "normal" lubrication. The supply of lubricant to those areas where it is most needed extends the tool life of through coolant taps beyond those of tools using only external coolant, the company says. The thread cutting tool range reduces the cost per thread, says the company, by extending tool life and thus reducing production costs.