Techni Waterjet Series Features Small Footprint, Large Monitor

Techni Waterjet’s Intec-G2 value series waterjet cutting systems feature a smaller footprint and a larger monitor screen.

New Product Announcements From: 6/1/2012 Modern Machine Shop
Originally titled 'Waterjets Feature Small Footprint, Large Monitor'

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Techni Waterjet’s Intec-G2 value series line of waterjet cutting systems features a smaller footprint and a larger monitor screen. A variety of options are available, including a remote-control pendent to ease setup; a “skip and float” feature, which ensures a constant standoff height over warped or stress-relieving materials; Tech-Sense to monitor the cutting head and pause the program prior to any blockage; and a break-away head to eliminate the risk of damaging the cutting head and scraping material in the event of a crash. A servo Z axis, EZY-Load material loading, advanced nesting, and a water raise/lower feature for submerged cutting also are available.

The waterjets can be run with the Quantum ESP electric servo pump or Quantum ESP dual pump in either 55,000 or 66,000 psi.  

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