Technology Detects Gap between Workpiece and Stop

R&R Tool will unveil its LR7000 model Lightnin Rod at IMTS 2012.

New Product Announcements From: 7/20/2012 Modern Machine Shop

R&R Tool will unveil its LR7000 model Lightnin Rod. When chips and pieces of the milled workpiece lodge between it and the stop, the interference can cause the part to fall out of conformance. The LR7000 notifies the operator of a gap between a workpiece of any material and the stop. Previous Lightnin Rod models have only been able to detect placement within 0.0002" of ferrous materials, but the LR7000 opens the technology up to all materials.

With this new model, the operator loads the workpiece, watches for the blue light, tightens the vise and begins to machine. The sealed unit remains illuminated under high flow coolants, communicating to the operator that the part has not moved away from the stop during machining. The technology also reduces miss-loads, according to the company. Vise mount and table mount applications enable quick and easy location around a shop.


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