Therma-Tron-X Multi-stage Pretreatment Prepares Parts for Finishing

Originally titled 'Multi-stage Pretreatment Prepares Parts for Finishing'

Pretreatment prepares parts for painting, plating or other industrial finishing processes.

Designed to prepare parts for painting, plating or other industrial finishing processes, Therma-Tron-X’s multi-stage pretreatment systems use spray, immersion or combination methods to remove dirt, oils and contaminants from part surfaces, and then apply phosphate or conversion coatings to help prevent corrosion and increase paint adhesion.

The systems can be fabricated using mild or stainless steel. Slotted roof designs protect conveyor lubricant from contaminating parts, and piping and nozzles are fitted with quick disconnects for easier maintenance. The pretreatment systems also are PLC-controlled, have automatic startup and shut down programs, and are designed with computer-aided rinse ratios that enable reduced water usage and, in some cases, create a zero discharge system, the company says. 

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