ThermoGrip Shrink Fit Machines Feature Heat Shrink and Cooling Cycles

Originally titled 'Shrink Fit Machines Feature Heat Shrink and Cooling Cycles'

Bilz Tool Co.

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Bilz Tool Co. Inc. has developed a new generation of ThermoGrip shrink fit machines.
The model series ISG3400 features a bench top and a free-standing machine with the latest technology in liquid cooling and shrink fit technology, the company says. One model features completely automated heat shrink cycles and cooling cycles for hands-free operation. The bench-top model features the same capabilities with manual operation.
Both models feature the standard range of shrink fit tool capacity from 3 - 32 mm for carbide and 6 - 32 mm for HSS tooling. The floor standing machine can be expanded up to 50 mm with quick-change ThermoGrip coils. The machines feature a shrink fit process that’s 45 seconds or less depending on tool style and size.
Both machines are available in 480 V, three-phase electrical power, eliminating the need for an external transformer/generator.
According to the company, features of both machines include: a direct shower cooling process; maintaining tool TIR and concentricity by uniform cooling of the assembled tool within seconds; no “sweating” of the toolholders because of condensation of (too) cold cooling adapters from “active” coolers; protection against corrosion for the tool and the shrink fit chuck with supplied coolant; minimal electrical consumption; contour independent cooling; and more. 

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