Thread Grinder Builds On Past Success

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Equipped for production thread grinding of parts from 1 to 10 mm in diameter and as long as 100 mm, the GS:TEM Mini thread grinder is designed for high-volume, precision threaded parts manufacturers in the cutting tool, automotive, aerospace, thread gage and medical equipment industries. The grinder is available with linear motor or ballscrew axes. A pallet changer enables the machine to run unattended for three shifts, the company says. For small taps in the electronics industry, the company’s forming and cutting tap software, small 200-mm diameter wheel and low-mass wheel axis are said to provide intricate control over the shape of a form tap’s lobes and relief. The company also provides multi-rib rolls for form or cut taps with topping and chamfer features. In addition to taps, the machine is suited for grinding thread rolls, thread gages, worms, ballscrews, e-steering components, aerospace fasteners and surgical bone screws. It is equipped with a diamond roll contour dresser for dressing complex topping and non-topping wheel forms. Forms include full radius and gothic arch; Acme with crest, root radii or chamfers; as well as 60-degree, Whitworth, ISO, buttress, and other thread forms. Additionally, the grinder features the company’s PartSmart menu-driven software with customers’ parts pre-programmed into its system. According to the company, no programming knowledge is needed—the operator simply follows the screen prompts and enters the values. The grinder is designed with a cell-friendly footprint to easily integrate into manufacturing cells, the company says. At 1.2 m × 1.8 m and weighing 3,000 kg, the grinder can be moved around the shop by forklifts.