Thread Grinder For Small Parts

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With a work envelope of 100 × 100 mm, Drake’s GS:TEM “Mini” three-axis thread grinder is designed for high-volume, precision-threaded parts manufacturers in the cutting tool, automotive, aerospace and medical industries. It is useful for grinding small taps, thread rolls, thread gages, worms, ballscrews, surgical bone screws and more. The machine is equipped with a diamond roll contour dresser for complex topping and non-topping wheel forms. Forms include full radius and gothic arch; acme with crest and root radii or chamfers; 60-degree; Whitworth; ISO; buttress; and others. In addition, the grinder features the company’s PartSmart menu-driven software. Parts are pre-programmed into the software, so programming knowledge is not required. The machine is designed with a small footprint to easily integrate into manufacturing cells.