Thread Miller Designed For Maximum Process Reliability(2)

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Walter has expanded its Prototyp thread-milling program. For the smaller thread sizes from M2 to M8 and thread depths to 3 × D, there is now a generation of VHM tools made from tough and low-wear solid carbide. The working principle includes a short cutting section of three thread turns, so the thread is milled in a special helical curve.   The working principle also means that the acting radial forces are reduced. The process reliability increases, especially for small-sized threads M2 to M3 as well as for the threads in pocket holes. According to the company, trouble-free use is also ensured by the large shaft diameter, which minimizes the vibrations even for long projection lengths. The cutting edge geometry is highly positive, which lowers the machining forces. This makes the cutters suited for a range of materials including non-rusting steels and materials with difficult cutting properties. A multi-layer TiCN coating provides wear protection, and a version without any coating is available for aluminum and titanium alloys.   Other features include short production times for a high thread quality and long tool life.

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