Three-Axis Turn-Mill Lathe

The Tornado T8M incorporates Colchester Lathes’ Duo-stable base configuration and cast iron bed. The machine weighs 4.5 tons, and the steel base is filled with a polymer concrete and strategic reinforcement. This construction offers a 25 percent improvement in dampening, the company says. Therefore, the machine can reach running temperature quickly. The improved thermal characteristics thus provide a stable cutting platform. The chucking variant has options of a 254-mm or 210-mm chuck size, with a programmable 0.001-degree C-axis and disc brake positioning fitted to the spindle. According to the company, this design promotes productivity and accuracy when demanding cycles are required. The machine is also available with 66-mm bar capacity and in the “lights-out” package for unattended operation. The machine has a 22-kW Fanuc spindle drive, which can be specified with a 5,000 rpm capacity or 3,500 rpm capacity. A 3.7 kW, 4,000 tool drive with a torque rating of 9.55 Nm is offered. A Heidenhain linear scale, another standard feature, is fitted to the X axis to provide accurate tool positioning in conjunction with the Fanuc 21i-TB flat screen control.

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