Three Models Of Slant-Bed Lathes Upgraded

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The company introduces the user-centric redesign of its TM series of slant-bed lathes. New features include faster spindle acceleration and deceleration rates; improved chip management; an air gun; a coolant gun; and ergonomic design features such as a front-access chip conveyor, the company says. The company offers three updated models: the TM6, the TM8 and the TM10.   The TM6 has X- and Z-axis travels of 7" ×14". Maximum cutting diameter is 12.4", and maximum cutting length is 13.4". With a bar capacity of 1.77", the machine features a 17.5-hp peak spindle motor. It has a 6" three-jaw chuck and a 9.4" swing over cross-slide.   The TM8 delivers X- and Z-axis travels of 8" × 20". The maximum cutting diameter is 14", and the maximum cutting length is 19". Bar capacity is 2". This model has a 20-hp peak spindle motor; an 8" three-jaw chuck; and a 13.2" swing over cross-slide.   The TM10 features X- and Z-axis travels of 9.8" × 29.5". It has a maximum cutting diameter of 17.7" and a maximum cutting length of 28.3". Bar capacity is 3". This model has a 25-hp peak spindle motor; a 10" three-jaw chuck and a 15.8" swing over cross-slide.   All models possess X- and Z-axis rapid traverse rates of 750 and 945 ipm, respectively. They offer repeatability of ±0.0001" and positioning accuracy of ±0.0002". The turret index time for all models is 0.5 second.

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