Tombstones For High Density Workholding

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ToolBlox modular tombstones, available in 2-face and 4-face models, provide options for designing and building high density workholding for high speed horizontal machining centers (HMC).

Built of A36 HRS steel, they weigh 30-40 percent less than many cast iron tombstones. According to the company, this rigidity achieves workpiece immobility, while dampening cutter- induced vibration using high speed spindles.

The tombstones can accommodate a range of workholding devices, including most of the company’s single-station, double-station and multiple-station vises, and those which are manual or hydraulically actuated. They are also equipped to handle a range of clamps and modular fixturing including customized workholding devices and hydraulic components. The bolt holes and dowel patterns on each face allow for the installation and removal of subplates and components.

Two sizes of the 2-face model are available: a 400-mm square base with 320 mm × 25" mounting faces and an estimated weight of 147.9 kgs (326 lbs) and a 500-mm square base with 400 mm × 28" mounting faces and estimated weight of 247.7 kgs (546 lbs).

The 4-face model is also offered in two sizes: a 400-mm square base with 320 mm × 25" mounting faces, and an estimated weight of 111.1 kgs (245 lbs) and a 500-mm square base with 400 mm ×28" mounting faces, with an estimated weight of 163.8 kgs (361 lbs). (The estimated weights include the aluminum subplates.)



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