Tool Extensions For Difficult-To-Reach Areas

New Product Announcements From: 5/4/2007 Modern Machine Shop
Useful for die and mold applications, Command Tooling Systems' ThermoLock 3-degree and 4.5-degree taper extensions extend tools for difficult-to-reach areas. The extensions are designed for small-diameter tools. They expand the toolholder cutting range and can be used with single-end, round-shank carbide tools with no flats and H6 tolerances. The 4.5-degree models are designed for easy modification of external contours once the tool is installed. Toolholders are available in BT40; BT50; CT40; CT50; DIN40; DIN50; HSK40AE; HSK63AF; and HSK100A tapers. Metric and standard sizes are available and range from stub to extra-extended lengths.

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