Tool Grinder for Volume or Mixed Batch Production

Anca will display the MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder at IMTS 2012.

New Product Announcements From: 7/17/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Anca offers the MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder. The tool features a 26 kW spindle and two wheel packs. The machine can handle volume production or mixed batches, and is suitable for grinding most HSS and carbide cutting tools up to 5/8".

The grinding wheel and spindle are supported in the machine by a casting called the bi-symmetrical gantry. The gantry evenly straddles the tool centerline to minimize the effects of thermal growth and provide high rigidity for consistently accurate tools. According to the company, this design allows the grinding wheel to remain very close to the C-axis pivot point. This configuration is said to produce high levels of profile accuracy for tools requiring substantial five-axis movements, such as corner radius or ballnose end mills.
The grinder features the company’s ToolRoom 2012 software, which includes an easy-to-use end mill wizard and integrated 3D graphics simulation.
The RoboMate high-capacity, compact loader is available as an option for production or resharpening. It has a loading time of 15 sec. The grinder can also be fitted with accessories such as a pop-up steady, white stick and wheel dressing.


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