Tool Presetter Measures Virtually Any Profile

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According to the company, the E123 presetter combines accuracy and affordability in tool measurement and inspection. It features a solid-ground granite column and base said to ensure the movement accuracy of both X and Z axes. Handwheels are incorporated for the final framing of the profile in the screen. The presetter features a fixed, rotating spindle that uses six mini-bearings with radial concentricity error compensation.   Two standard versions are available—ISO/BT/CAT40 and ISO/BT/CAT50. The presetter is also equipped with a touchscreen vision system featuring a color LCD screen and a C-MOS image sensor that allows accurate measuring of virtually any kind of tool profile, the company says. Measurement is automatic and includes both radii and angle values. Focusing bars are included to ensure repeatability. The X-axis measuring range is 130 mm (260 mm in diameter), and Z-axis measuring range is 360 mm. Resolution is 1 to 5µm.

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