Tooling Inventory Management System

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The Mil-Tec Freedom Cutter is a tooling inventory management system for face milling. One cutter body holds three shapes of precision-ground carbide inserts (round, square and octagonal), eliminating the need for multiple tooling bodies. Application-specific geometries, carbide grades and coatings have been matched for all major metals groups. The cutter's newly introduced Monolith steel body construction carries a lifetime warranty, and the company's carbide inserts now feature SmoothGrind. This is said to provide sharper and longer lasting cutting edges, increased lubricity and enhanced workpiece finishes.

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Emuge EF Micro Drills with Coolant-Through Design

The EF Micro Drills range from 0.0295” (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181” (3.0 mm) in diameter, are all coolant-through design and are ideal for aerospace, medical and precision automotive applications designed for producing small, deep holes in steel, cast iron, stainless steels and nonferrous materials.