Toolpost Features Triple-Action Locking And Through-Coolant System

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Dorian Tool offers the Victory through-coolant toolpost and toolholders. What separates this toolpost from other quick-change toolposts is the triple-action locking and through-coolant system. The double-helix locking gear engages the tapered locking gib when the locking handle is pulled; the combination of the downward, outward and inward forces are simultaneously applied. According to the company, the locking of the holder is rigid, quick and precise, with an accurate repeatability of 0.0001". At the same time, it neutralizes any vibrations on interrupted cuts and deep boring applications.   The toolpost has a built-in automatic through-coolant system that is activated when the toolholder is locked on the toolpost; it is automatically deactivated when the toolholder is removed. When turn, thread, cut-off, drill and bore operations are performed, the coolant flows from the toolpost to the toolholder and is injected directly over the cutting edge of the insert, thus stabilizing the insert temperature and flushing the chips out of the bore. This reduces edge buildup, heat deformation, thermal cracking and catering of the insert, the company says.   The toolpost is available in six sizes, ranging from ½" to 1 ½" tool capacity, and it is interchangeable with industry standard toolposts and toolholders.

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