Torque Wrench Series

Mark-10 Corporation offers its STW series torque wrenches, designed for testing applications and removal torque on bolts and other fasteners. The wrenches are suited for use in production facilities, quality control laboratories and field auditing as well as in automotive, aerospace and other industries. Three torque capacities are available, from 100 inch-pounds to 1,000 inch-pounds. Depending on capacity, the sensors range in length from 11" to 20" and feature square drives at 3/8" or 1/2". The wrenches have overload protection for as much as 150 percent of full capacity and are accurate within ±0.6 of the full scale. This series joins the company’s family of interchangeable remote force and torque sensors. The sensors work in conjunction with the BGI force/torque gage, an instrument with data communication capabilities, selectable units of measurement, peak capture and user-configuration settings.