Touch-Screen Controller With Ladder Logic And Basic

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An integration of touch-panel, graphic LCD and programmable embedded computers, Saelig Company's Cutouch CT1720 controller is designed to develop HMI devices for industrial machines, factory temperature controllers, robots and more. It is programmable in both Ladder Logic for real-time sequential processing and Basic for the number-crunching power.


The product has 82 I/O ports, and users can expand it with add-on boards for wireless use or other specific applications. With an optional Xport internet module, the product can monitor TCP or UDP packets through the internet from anywhere. This allows users to update or service far-away products.


The controller has 80 K of flash memory for Basic and Ladder programs and 28 K for data memory. Other specifications include eight channels of 10-bit A/D and six channels of 16-bit PWM. Finally, one of the two RS232 serial ports can be used for download and debug.