Touchscreen Control Station Eases Grinding Operations

Chevalier’s FSG-ADIII automatic precision surface grinding machine includes an adjustable touchscreen control station.

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Chevalier’s FSG-ADIII series automatic precision surface grinding machines include an adjustable touchscreen control station to ease operation. The machines feature three-axis, needle-roller slideways for improved accuracy and precise positioning. A wheelhead and column way system is composed of hardened and ground inserted steel guideways. This low-friction wheelhead guideway system enables accurate feeds in 0.001-mm increments while extending way life. The grinding machine occupies floor space measuring 168.5" × 86" × 81.875". 

The table measures as much as 15.75" × 39.375" longitude and  16" crosswise. The maximum distance from table surface to spindle centerline is 24". Other features include a CNC platform; a graphic conversational function with a built-in grinding program; a Y-axis, home-positioning function; mechanical coordinates and relative coordinates display; and a digital I/O check mode. Grinding, wheel dressing and automatic compensation can be accomplished without making a CNC program. 

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