Tube Hone Line for Long-Part Applications

Sunnen’s HTD tube hone features a 52-ft. (16-m) stroke and can accommodate parts ranging to 39" (1,000 mm) in diameter.

Sunnen’s HTD tube hone features a 52-ft. (16-m) stroke and can accommodate parts ranging to 39" (1,000 mm) in diameter. An electronically controlled, 30-kW (40.23-hp) spindle motor powers stock removal at a rate of 150 in.3/hr. (2,500 cm3/hr.) in honing applications such as helicopter driveshafts, marine driveshafts, submarine periscopes, downhole oil drilling components, cannon barrels, bi-metallic tubes and hydraulic cylinders. The machine is designed to correct bore geometry and size errors. It can also produce specific surface finishes and crosshatch angles to ensure correct sliding/sealing surfaces between mating parts, the company says.
The tube hone uses a Windows-based controller for increased control of bore geometry with functions for stroke position, motion, stone feed and cutting pressure, the company says. The machine uses the company’s double-and triple-blanked tools to control taper variation and drift in long bores. Abrasive materials such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, CBN and diamond honing stones are available.
The all-electric system is designed for light-duty surfacing applications for flow meter tubes and hydraulic cylinder repair, removing stock in the range of 0.030" (0.76 mm). The machine is available in 6.5- or 13.1-ft. (2- or 4-m) stroke lengths. Both configurations accommodate parts weighing as much as 4,000 lbs (1,815 kg). The machine can mount ANR275-type tooling, and it accommodates bore IDs ranging from 2.5" to 21" (63.5 to 533 mm) and maximum part OD of 24.0" (610 mm).
The machine combines capabilities such as short stroke cycle and stroke dwell for blind holes with a built-in load meter to indicate high and low spots. This enables operators to adjust the stroke for increased cycle time, the company says. Available in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-m models, the tube hone has a stroke range of 78.74" to 314.96" (2,000 to 8,000 mm), handles part diameters ranging to 23.6" (600 mm) and is suited for sizing and finishing bores with IDs ranging from 1" to 22.5" (25 to 572 mm). The machine’s 3-kW (4-hp) spindle removes stock at a rate of 25 in.3/hr. (400 cm3/hr.).

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