Turn-Mill Center For Machining Large Parts

Designed for accuracy and flexibility, the NT6600 DCG/4000CS turn-mill center features a large Y-axis travel, a fast Z-axis rapid traverse rate and quick tool changes, the company says. With a footprint of 33.1 × 14.9 × 14.7 ft and a maximum machining length of 13.3 ft, the machine is suited for machining large parts for the aerospace, oil and natural gas industries.   The B axis is driven by a direct-drive motor, which is said to eliminate backlash and enable high speed rotation. Additionally, the turn-mill center features DCG (Driven at the Center of Gravity) technology; the box-in-box construction of the company’s NH series HMCs; and the turret with built-in milling motor from the company’s NL series CNC lathes.

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