Turn-Mill Touted As Alternative To Swiss-Type Lathes

With three 14-position tool turrets and identical main and counterspindles, the C100 production turn-mill center is designed to cut medium-complexity turned parts from barstock. Suitable for small to medium lot sizes, the turn-mill center is said to deliver high performance within a compact footprint. Two models are available, one to accommodate barstock as large as 30 mm in diameter and another for barstock ranging to 42 mm in diameter. With 42 fixed and driven quick-change tools and high horsepower and torque, the machine offers an alternative to the Swiss-type machines and standard lathes often used to cut parts in this size range, the company says.    Two Y axes allow the three tool turrets to work simultaneously for complete machining in one setup, including heavy milling and backworking operations. These axes, each with 70-mm travel, can be configured to service the main spindle or both the main and counterspindle. This allows users to divide machining operations for efficiency and flexibility, the company says. Additionally, the linear-motor-driven counterspindle can be synchronized with the travel of turret 3. Counterspindle pickup from the main spindle takes 1.5 seconds, and parts can be unloaded from either spindle.    Spindle speeds are 9,000 rpm for the model with 30-mm bar capacity and 7,000 rpm for the model with 42-mm bar capacity. Drive power is 20/29 kW and 25/29 kW for the 30-mm and 42-mm versions, respectively. Both versions can run parts as long as 200 mm. The turret slides move in the X and Z directions on single-plane guideways. This enables rapid traverse rates to 60 m/min and accelerations as high as 1G without compromising rigidity, the company says. Turrets glide directly on the machine bed via a plate-type guideway, which is said to provide prolonged tool life as well as high stiffness and damping.   

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