Turning Center Designed For Small Parts

Miyano Machinery’s GN-3200 ultra-precision turning center features a 0. 1-μm input tolerance.

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Miyano Machinery’s GN-3200 ultra-precision turning center features a 0.1-μm input tolerance. It is suited for high-precision hard turning of small components that are traditionally finished on a grinding machine.

The machine is intended primarily for secondary operation finishing work and hard turning of heat-treated components. The center has a maximum turning diameter of 1.77" (45 mm) and maximum turning length of 1.97" (50 mm).

The turning center features a heat-symmetric frame and bed, a wing-type headstock and a separate coolant tank to ensure that thermal distortion will not occur over time and that heat generated by machining will not be transmitted to the machine body. The single-slide structure of the X-axis turret and the Z-axis spindle achieves almost zero lost motion by improving follow-up accuracy, the company says. Both X-axis and Z-axis slideways are said to provide quality damping performance.

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