Turning Center Features Four-Position Turret

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Designed for large production runs, Fuji’s FS4-3500 automated turning center with four-position turret can change parts while the spindle rotates with a loading/unloading time of less than 5 seconds. It includes two separate loaders for loading and unloading and incorporates a 30-degree bed design. The saddle and cross slides are coated with Turcite material to reduce sticking and slippage. Along with the company’s mid-case spindle, this design is said to provide high accuracy and quality roundness and finish in high-volume production environments. The machine is suited for bearing applications and transmission parts requiring short cycle times. The boxway machine incorporates a four-position turret to facilitate maximum metal removal. Useful for most applications requiring both OD and ID turning, the machine can be connected with a part-flip station for complete OP-10/OP-20 turning operations. Maximum part diameter is 6".

Editor Pick

VTM-1200YB Multitasking Turning Center Handles Large Parts

Okuma America Corp.’s VTM-1200YB multitasking CNC turning center handles heavy-duty turning and cutting of large parts and is ideal for machining large diameter workpieces, such as those in the aerospace and energy industries.