Turning Center Features Increased Precision

The Puma 3100 horizontal turning center from Doosan is designed for speed, precision and performance.

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The Puma 3100 horizontal turning center from Doosan is designed for speed, precision and performance. It also is said to eliminate thermal deformation. Its thermal isolation system is designed to prevent machine-generated heat from reaching the bed or headstock. Strategically placed covers deflect heat away from sensitive areas, while fans exhaust heat from the machine. In addition, a 1.2-hp multistage centrifugal pump delivers coolant at 65 psi to flush chips from drilled holes and reduce peck drilling cycles. Coolant is stored in tanks ranging from 60 to 126 gallons, depending on the model.
A Presci-Flex tooling system uses a single-base holder configured to accept collets, end-mill holders, expanding collet chucks, shrink-fit tooling, Capto and KM system tooling. A conical and flat-face planar interface ensures accuracy and rigidity, the company says. Interchanging pre-set tools reduces downtime.
The turning center accommodates parts measuring 16.5" in diameter and 29.9" long (a model with an elongated bed extends part length to 50.4"), and it accepts barstock measuring 4" in diameter. A 30-hp motor drives the spindle at speeds as fast as 2,800 rpm and generates a maximum spindle torque of 828 foot-pounds. 

A 12-staton turret selects BMT65 tools bi-directionally in 0.15 sec. The turret is non-lifting to eliminate coupling contamination. A 9" curvic coupling with 11,900 lbs of hydraulic clamping force provides rigidity for heavy stock removal, fine surface finishes, long boring bar overhang ratios and extended tool life. Rotating tools are powered by a 7.5-hp motor that generates 34.7 foot-pounds of low-end torque and speeds ranging to 5,000 rpm. A tool setter reduces setup time by minimizing manual skim cuts. Offsets are calculated and automatically entered into the program, virtually eliminating clerical errors, the company says. 

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