Turning Grades for Gray and Ductile Cast Iron Machining

Ingersoll’s Black-Rush is a series of cast iron ISO turning grades.

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Ingersoll’s Black-Rush is a series of cast iron ISO turning grades. The CVD-coated grades TT7005 and TT7015 feature a stable substrate, strengthened coating layer and special post-coat treatment. The result is exceptional chipping resistance thanks to the superior bond between the substrate and the coating layer, the company says.

All Black-Rush inserts feature a coating technology that maximizes hardness while providing thermal stability. Following this coating process, a special surface treatment is applied that reduces friction, cutting force and build-up on the insert cutting edge.

TT7005 provides maximum wear resistance, making it an especially useful choice for both gray and ductile cast iron in high speed applications, while TT7015 delivers excellent all-around performance in these same materials while adding additional toughness for continuous to interrupted turning applications.

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